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Welcome New Dressipians!

Posted on: June 7, 2011

Welcome – we’re so glad that you’ve found us. We’ve just come out of our ’invitation only ‘ alpha phase, where we have had an amazing group of people help us kick the tyres on a very early version of Dressipi.  Now anyone can sign up – but it’s mostly word of mouth for now.

Dressipi is a system that learns over time with each member, so in its early stages it may not give you great recommendations all the time. In fact, sometimes it may give you recommendations that seem completely wrong. But that’s to be expected. Every Like or Dislike you click for a garment recommendation, every brand you tell us you prefer or dislike, every preference you fill out, teaches Dressipi more about you and helps us get smarter.

All suggestions and feedback are greatly received – good and bad. Here are some ways to do that:

  • Post questions or ask for help in the Dressipi Help Forum
  • Make suggestions or recommendations for future features in the Dressipi Help Forum
  • If you love what we are doing, please Like us on Facebook and Twitter
  • Take 5 minutes over lunchtime to Sign In and have a peek at your own personal fashion home page and Like or Dislike our recommendations

We hope you enjoy Dressipi – and overtime find it more helpful, so those tricky shopping and dressing decisions are a thing of the past!

Donna & Sarah and the Dressipi Team

2 Responses to "Welcome New Dressipians!"

Loving the look of the site ladies – what an amazing creation! Well done you. Now, let me get back on it to do some shopping! x

Hi – am loving my dressipi updates and have managed to source an outfit for an event this weekend thanks to you! I have just started a blog – only a fe readers as yet, but you never know……I posted your address on, hope that is ok!

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