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Bank holiday weekend. Friday early evening. Sun shining (for the last time), cold glass of champagne in my hand, bar all a buzz and my phone rings. It’s Donna from the office: “I’m in the Selfridge’s changing room. Which dress should I buy for this wedding. Will send pics. Can you tell me which one suits my body shape?”  Here at Dressipi we love a fashion SOS. Especially when it involves lovely evening wear. And especially when it involves guiding ladies in the right direction of that all important question “What clothes suit my body shape.”

Ping. Picture number 1 zips through. A gorgeous silk jersey dress By Malene Birger that really does nothing for Dressipi’s resident bean pole, Donna’s shape. “Nope”. I ping back, “it’s too shapeless on you”.

At which stage I am told the Selfridge’s shop assistant asked Donna “Are you famous?? You’ve got a stylist on speed dial??” No. With Dressipi you can all have a personal stylist at hand 24/7 so to speak (see our ASK A STYLIST service). Ping. Picture 2. Alice By Temperley’s aubergine gown. “Yes. That’s more like it. Perfect”. ….Why?

It completely suits her body shape. The neckline softens the look of Donna’s broad shoulders, because the eye is drawn to the cutout detail. And the slightly triangular skirt balances out the lower shape with the torso (strong shoulders). What’s more the ruching detail around the waist, sculpts definition. “All you need now,” I say as I pick up my glass of champagne “are some of those little pieces to cover your nipples in case it gets cold” and I realise the entire bar is looking at me as I use my hands to demonstrate these marvellous pieces to no one in particular. (What I meant are Concealits ) All the celebs use them on the red carpet, and according to the shop assistant in Selfridge’s Donna must be a celeb. She’s got a personal stylist on speed dial.

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What Dressipians are Asking our Personal Stylists

The first of week of our free 121 ASK A STYLIST service has flown by. We’ve sorted out back to work looks; averted a ‘what to wear to a Katy Perry concert’ fashion crisis, and keep rolling out the shape-flattering wedding outfits. Looking forward to week two. This is what your style dilemmas look like in a tag- cloud:…

We have unleashed a fashion beast this week at Dressipi – The ASK A STYLIST magic button! Just click on it and you will get 1-2-1 personal styling advice from us, the Dressipi stylists. In 48hrs! Whew!

We’ve been click-clicking away answering the gushing stream of questions from women far and wide – it’s felt like a fashion SOS call centre. Yes, we really are making the luxury of personal styling entirely accessible to everyone.

And what dilemmas are the women of the world facing when they open their wardrobes each day?

There’s the lovely lady who needs something fabulous to wear – she’s meeting her boyfriend’s parents for the first time. No pressure then! There have been a lot of, “I have no idea what to wear for my body type, I’m sick of looking boring!” Don’t worry, we’ll have you Outfit for 'What to Wear to a Wedding'Dressipi-ed and looking and feeling fabulous in no time at all. There’s the teenager who wanted a “new look” for her mufti days at school (I had to look that up – it’s been a while since I was at school). There’s the person who has a great, pale blue, cropped denim jacket she loves  – but has no idea what to wear it with. Outfit for 'What to Wear for Mufti'Sorted. And if I had a pound for every “I need something to wear to a wedding” – I’d be able to buy most of my Dressipi Lust Have pieces. And that’s saying a lot.

So, if you want some help with what to wear to a wedding, night out … or some general style advice – we’re waiting, so get asking.

Natalie x

Perfect dress, accessories and bag for black tie event and wedding

Outfit for Black Tie - Under £150

Dressing your body shape is like anything else in life, when you focus on the good, it minimises the bad. And the right clothes are a fabulous way of doing this. We love it when our Dressipi members write into us looking for dresses and outfits to wear to weddings, events, birthdays and special nights out. Or those who are in need of major wardrobe overhauls – not to mention yummy mummy make-overs. And we especially  love it when you realise that you really are “the shape of gorgeous things to come” … with not a mention of an apple or pear.

To date, we’ve had requests from new mums wanting to turn their daily wardrobe of jeans and tees into something a little yummier; a bride-to-be asking what shape wedding dress would best suit her and brides looking for bridesmaid dresses. We’ve had urgent requests for dresses to wear to black tie events for under £150. There was the 60-something lady in pursuit of the perfect midi-skirt; and the 20-something girl in need of a work wardrobe update for a new job.

Last week, we had a member who asked us to talk her through her Dressipi Must Haves, as she really wasn’t sure they worked on what she referred to as her ‘saddle bags’ and tummy.  And this is where focusing on your assets comes in – because we saw her lovely long legs and her waist definition … and then she saw what we saw.

Having snapped up her first Dressipi purchase (a dress from The White Company), she kindly shared the news we love to hear:  ‘My husband’s first reaction was, “Wow”. Even he loves Dressipi, because it makes me concentrate on dressing for my shape and on my good bits, rather than worrying about my size. He commented today that I seem passionate again about clothes, and has suggested we go clothes shopping tomorrow to try out my new Dressipi rules. That is surely proof that you and all your work-mates are truly miracle workers! “

Love it!

Whilst we are all for fabulous technology, the sheer joy of the internet and the absolute luxury of communicating via email – we decided it was time for you to put faces to the names behind Dressipi. What’s more, over the past few months our fabulous Founder Members have been tirelessly testing our features and technology with overwhelming enthusiasm, dedication and intelligence. So, what better way to say thank you for all the goodwill, than to hold a Dressipi Happy Hour (or two) extravaganza at the aptly named Perseverance bar in central London.

As we sipped on elderflower infused prosecco and indulged in plates of delicious treats, stylish member after stylish member came floating in (some wearing Dressipi purchases!). It was a balmy evening out but our Founder Members kept the style stakes sizzling hot inside. A huge thank you to all of you for making the effort and what a pleasure it was to meet everyone.

Naturally, after clothes shopping, there’s nothing better that we like than a good chat. There was a bit of discussion, amongst the celebrations, mostly about some of the most wanted Dressipi features. So for everyone who couldn’t make it, here’s an update:

  • iPhone Clothes Sizing and Brand Size Application:  Oh the excitement! It’s nearly here. We’re just putting the final touches to it. Soon, whenever out shopping, anyone can find their correct size in any dress, top, bottoms, jeans from over 500 brands·
  • What’s My Style Quiz:   Your unique style is very important to us. We seem to be getting most people’s style right, once they have taken the style quiz. If you haven’t – please do – the more we understand about you the better we will dress you! At the moment, not all the recommendations we give on each individual’s personal fashion home page take this into consideration – something we are fixing. Plus we have more of your favourite brands to come.
  • Body Shape & Investment Wardrobe – Everyone seems to agree with their Dressipi body shape description and absolutely loves the Must Have Investment Wardrobe recommendations (and Must Avoids). We are now working on a feature which will link your clothes recommendations to match your Must Have items, making it simpler to build a capsule wardrobe.

So, as you can see it was a most productive and fabulous evening … so much so that we have decided to holda Dressipi Meet UIp once a month from September. Hopefully we’ll meet you or see you again at the next one.