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How to Dress for Your Body Shape

Posted on: August 31, 2011

Bank holiday weekend. Friday early evening. Sun shining (for the last time), cold glass of champagne in my hand, bar all a buzz and my phone rings. It’s Donna from the office: “I’m in the Selfridge’s changing room. Which dress should I buy for this wedding. Will send pics. Can you tell me which one suits my body shape?”  Here at Dressipi we love a fashion SOS. Especially when it involves lovely evening wear. And especially when it involves guiding ladies in the right direction of that all important question “What clothes suit my body shape.”

Ping. Picture number 1 zips through. A gorgeous silk jersey dress By Malene Birger that really does nothing for Dressipi’s resident bean pole, Donna’s shape. “Nope”. I ping back, “it’s too shapeless on you”.

At which stage I am told the Selfridge’s shop assistant asked Donna “Are you famous?? You’ve got a stylist on speed dial??” No. With Dressipi you can all have a personal stylist at hand 24/7 so to speak (see our ASK A STYLIST service). Ping. Picture 2. Alice By Temperley’s aubergine gown. “Yes. That’s more like it. Perfect”. ….Why?

It completely suits her body shape. The neckline softens the look of Donna’s broad shoulders, because the eye is drawn to the cutout detail. And the slightly triangular skirt balances out the lower shape with the torso (strong shoulders). What’s more the ruching detail around the waist, sculpts definition. “All you need now,” I say as I pick up my glass of champagne “are some of those little pieces to cover your nipples in case it gets cold” and I realise the entire bar is looking at me as I use my hands to demonstrate these marvellous pieces to no one in particular. (What I meant are Concealits ) All the celebs use them on the red carpet, and according to the shop assistant in Selfridge’s Donna must be a celeb. She’s got a personal stylist on speed dial.

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