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Life as an Intern for Dressipi

Posted on: October 17, 2011

I was introduced to the company Dressipi by a friend and after having a look at the website I believed they provided a fantastic service for the public. As styling is what I have always wanted to do I immediately thought that it would be a perfect company to intern for. I emailed them straight away. After a few minutes I got a response and I was very pleased that Dressipi were interested in me. I have now been at Dressipi for 2 months, one day a week every Friday and am very proud to be interning for such a great company.

On my first day of interning I was set a task by Donna and Sarah to review the website, noting down things I liked and things that could be improved on. By completing this task I felt that I then had a good knowledge of the company and what they provide. This also made me feel that they were on board to help me understand what their company was about and for me to gain the experience I want and need from the industry. Donna and Sarah always make sure I fully understand the tasks I am set and always take the time to answer any questions and ask how I am doing. They also make sure that the jobs they set are relevant to the type of area in Fashion that I want to get into.

There is a lot to gain from working in at Dressipi. Meeting new people is always interesting and in the fashion world building connections is really important. Being in the Dressipi office it is always exciting to hear what the stylists have been up to and educating myself with their knowledge of the names and labelling that needs to be done with each individual garment. Who knew there were so many?

It is also beneficial to understand what the other ways of styling and helping people with advice are – not just by having to arrange to meet face to face. Now that online buying has become an increasingly big thing, it makes sense to have a styling and shopping service available to everyone who does not have the time or money to visit a personal stylist or shopper in person.

The style advice at Dressipi is great and all the talk of clothes makes you want to purchase the next big trend (it is very hard to keep your purse closed!). I am very interested in hearing what all the stylists are saying, listening to the queries people are asking and seeing their response and how they help each individual Dressipi member. Identifying what clothes look best on what shape and style and helping everyone to understand why, so they can learn themselves over time. The Dressipi stylists make sure that every member gets the exact answer they are after and treat everyone with brilliant customer service.

Getting the background knowledge of the company is really important, not only seeing what Dressipi have to do as a company but what the other sites and fashion related websites offer. By completing tasks like finding logos and reviewing and checking clothing size guides for each individual brand helps me broaden my knowledge of all the brands out there and what they look like. Sizing is a big factor in shopping/dressing as it is really important to know exactly what size you will be in each brand, this doesn’t only mean the clothes will look better on you, but also minimises the time when you are out shopping or reduces the amount of returns online.

Interning for Dressipi has opened many doors to the fashion world and broadened my choices in terms of jobs in the industry. I also now appreciate the effort and hard work with the things that you wouldn’t even think of when purchasing garments like the labelling and finding keywords for every single garment shown on the website. Dressipi has a very friendly team of people and it is a pleasure to work with them. I enjoy working here and I am grateful of all the opportunities that I have been given in order to represent the company.

By Chloe Pond

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