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What to Wear to Cousin’s Wedding – Traditional

Posted on: February 6, 2012

Slim, Shoulders same as hips, defined waist, medium chestQuestion: I am going to my cousin’s wedding in April – it is in Norfolk and will be fairly traditional – Some of my favourite brands are Reiss, Topshop, By Malene Birger, Halston Heritage and H&M. I already have shoes and accessories (silvery grey colour) – that I would love to wear. I don’t have a fortune to spend but would happily invest in something that I can wear time and time again.

Many thanks – any help much appreciated!

Answer: Hello and thank you for contacting us. It’s lovely to hear from you! Seems like April is a big wedding month, we are receiving a lot of requests for gorgeous wedding outfits. We love it when people plan their looks in advance. If you have a look at your Dressipi Must Haves you will see what style suits your enviable silhouette and why. You are lucky! You have curves in all the right places and a lovely defined waist. With that in mind here is an idea for pieces we hope you will love.

Option 1
Consider this Halston Heritage dress, a true investment piece for your wardrobe. It complements your shape to perfection. The combination of a faux-wrap v-neck detail and waist accentuating belt detail is a winning formula. The best thing is you’ll find yourself wearing this piece over and over again. For example, if you add a really funky wedge heel and a pair of oversized sunglasses you’ll have a glamourous holiday look. It’s a timeless must have and it goes perfectly with your silvery grey accessories that you mention, a colour palette that channels the season’s love affair with all things acquatic. What’s more, you’ve earmarked it as one of your favourites in your Dressipi Likes- and we agree!

Style your dress with this stunning figure scultpting DVF jacket. What this does is accentaute the fit-and-flare look of your whole outfit. These proportions work a dream with your shape. The DVF numebr will also look fabulous with a little black dress or a simpel white shirt and jeans. Yu can wear this jacket opened over the tie front detail or tie at the back.

Option 2 – Alternative Jackets

If you want a similar concept but at a high street price then have a look at this French Connection jacket. Again we have the beautiful tailoring up top and a tuxedo effect thanks to the contrast fabric in the lapels. Although this jacket is slightly more casual in feel you can dress it up with a pair of statment earrings or necklace.

Or – if you’ld like a touch of extra style but at a steal opt for this must-have H&M boucle jacket as an alternative cover up. It’s the high street jacket of the season.

I hope that this has helped with your fashion dilemma. Have a wonderful time at the wedding! Thanks for your enquiry. We look forward to helping you out again.

Natalie x

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