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Big Boobs! Tiny Waist! Seeks Fab Dresses for Dates.

Posted on: February 10, 2012

QUESTION: I am recently single and trying to find a few dresses to go on dates with that are sexy but not too sexy. I can’t spend designer money. I have boobs so can’t wear a high neckline. My greatest asset is my waist. It’s quite small compared to my bust. The obvious choice for women my age (38) is DVF but I think her wrap dresses epitomise middle aged women.I’m trying to dress young but not too young, sophisticated but not too old. P.S. I love vintage 50’s pencil and 40’s type clothes too. Flirty skirts etc. My favourtie are skater dresses but they are very hard to find with a low neck line and sleeves. As I hate my upper arms.  I love Roland Mouret. but I dare not attempt to buy the cheaper versions as I know the skirt will not be long enough and then I’ll just end up looking to overtly sexy because of my figure.

ANSWER: Hello and thanks for contacting us. It’s lovely to hear from you. Fashion is a fabulous post-break-up must. You certainly know how to dress your shape by the sound of things. With that in mind here are some ideas for dresses we hope that you will like:

Look 1:
OK. I do KNOW that this Monsoon dress has no sleeves. Your pet hate. BUT. It’s gorgeous. And you can vamp it up to give a younger edge to it, and we can hide your arms. Firstly, The shape is great for you. The jersey fabric and low V-neck will flatter your décolletage and the fit and flare accentuates your lovely defined waist. Style this dress with a fitted jersey jacket which acts like a cardigan (see links below). Accessories can take a ladylike look and turn it into something completely different. For a youthful touch, toughen up this dress with a studded skinny belt from Topshop, a Topshop statetment cuff and these ultra cool Zara sandals (if you’re happy in a heel). You could also style this with a very fitted cardigan, wear the belt over the cardi and add a cool leather biker jacket. (Mango has a bright red one for a bit of a bold colour clash).

Look 2: 
A skirt and blouse combination channels that 40’s look. This lace Zara pencil skirt is both chic and sexy and works a dream with your shape. Style it with this fabulous Mango black blouse. Wear it unbuttoned to create a flattering V-neck. You could swap the fabric belt for a coloured skinny belt (like red) to exaggerate the defined waist effect. Wear this look with a fabulous coloured pointed court shoe.

Look 3:
Well, it’s not quite Roland Mouret. But Pepperberry is an ingenious label that caters for ladies with larger busts. This dress is the perfect little black dress, with an all important 3/4 length sleeve, which you can jazz up with funky accessories. An animal print oversized clutch adds a bit of stylish texture to your look.

Don’t forget to vamp it up with a siren call slick of lipstick. I hope that this has helped you out with your fashion dilemma. Have a great and stylish time time on all your dates. Good luck!

Natalie x

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