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Looking For a Creative Work Look …Would Love a Polka Dot Dress…

Posted on: February 15, 2012

QUESTION: I would love your input on what dress to wear to a work event – it’s an art fair coming up in March (London, therefore spring time!). I’m open to ideas but I love the idea of a polka dot dress, maybe 2 layers, silk on top of something else with capped sleeves (is that what they’re called?) just over the top of my arm. No longer than knee length. I want to look creative, fun, approachable but professional and I don’t like rigid cuts or anything ‘military’. I’d need a jacket / cardigan to go with it and ideas for shoes too…basically I need a whole outfit. My budget is £150…

ANSWER: Hello and thank you for contacting us, it’s lovely to hear from you. Thanks for the gorgeous pic – it’s always great to put a face to the fashion dilemma. An Art Fair is the perfect excuse to break out the polka dots. Prints are a huge trend this season from the wacky to the timeless. Polka dots (like animal print) falls into the latter category and gives the air of that certain French chic – that only the French know how to do. If you look at your Dressipi Must Haves you will see what styles suit your amazing slender silhouette and why. For you it’s all about injecting a bit of curve. With that in mind here is an idea for your outfit.

OLIVER BONAS CAP SLEEVE DRESS There are quite an array of polka dot dresses out there this season – and this one fits your bill the closest. It has that fun factor but is still chic. The combination of the cap sleeve (which draws attention to your shoulders) and the full skirt, creates wonderful balanced looking proportions, as well as accentuating the look of your lovely long legs. What’s more, the exaggerated waist detail creates gorgeous, shapely definition.

SHOE OPTIONS : You are going to be on your feet all day so apart from looking fabulous when it comes to your shoes you want a bit of comfort.

Zara red wedges :I think you should add a playful burst of colour to your outfit with your footwear. Red is the perfect match for this polka dot piece – and it’s also one of your favourite colours. A wedge gives the dress a bit of a fashionable edge but is also quite comfortable for someone who has to be on her feet all day.

Mango Red Shoes:  If wedges aren’t your thing, try these low heeled suede courts in a deep red (they also come in different shades)

COVER UP OPTIONS : If you go for a red shoe then stick to a blue cardigan. You could either get something classic and chic, like a cropped fitted cardi in a navy blue (see Kew who does a good range) or stick with the creative theme and mix and match your prints in the shape of this New Look heart print blue cardi.

HOBBS DRESS : This is a different style to what you have requested, but it is quite beautiful and it also means you don’t need to worry about a cardi or a jacket. This soft, fluid piece from Hobbs has a chic pussybow detail neckline and would look fabulous with the red Zara wedges. Finish off your look with a stylish deep red nail varnish manicure!  Natalie x

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