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I need a Stay At Home Mum wardrobe. What are the staples and how can I do casual without being scruffy?

Posted on: March 2, 2012

A big stylish welcome to all our new followers from MUMSNET. Thanks for the invaluable feedback and entertaining threads.  We love all of your thoughts, concerns, and brand suggestions and have taken them onboard. We have some fabulous new features that we are working on. Our soon to be launched “Reveal and Conceal” section will let you tell us what parts of your body you’ld gently like to disguise away (tummies, big boobs, bingo wings, you name it) and those you’ld love to flaunt. The good news is that shoes and accessories are soon going to hit our site in full fashionable force. Someone showed us one of your fashion dilemmas so we thought we’ld help out:

QUESTION: I have a budget of £250 (which is never going to happen again once I give up work!). I hate paying full price for anything so may wait till the sales, but I’d really like some advice on how I can look good but still be comfy on the school run. If it helps, I’m early 30s, beanpole-shaped and my favourite labels are Great Plains, GAP and Monsoon (sometimes) plus the odd vintage dress off ebay. What are your SAHM (or day off, or weekend) wardrobe heroes?

ANSWER: You are not alone! But you probably knew that anyway. We get a lot of stay at home mums wanting to break out from the baggy jeans, slouchy tee combo and reclaim their inner fashionista – with a heavy dose of chasing-after-young-kids comfort thrown in. What you need is a mini capsule wardrobe with those hero pieces that multi-task (just like you) and all work with each other. When you sign up to Dressipi you will see in your Fashion Fingerprint and Capsule Wardrobe sections, what style clothes suit your body shape and why. You’re a willowy sounding bean pole. Use your clothes to inject a bit of shapely curve into your silhouette. With that in mind here are some ideas we hope will work:

1. VERSATILE DRESS: We’ve got to break you out of your unflattering-sounding jeans comfort zone. I always recommend that you get a versatile dress. Something that will ‘do’ everything from the school run to dinner with a quick change of shoes. Think comfy jersey fabrics and soft fluid cottons for example. This piece from Zara (£35.99) has a floaty boho feel to it. The waist detail creates a bit of shapely definition. For the school run style this with an ankle boot or animal print ballerinas. You can add a printed or coloured skinny belt to it and statement clutch for a night out.

2. JEANS: I think it’s time to retire those baggy numbers for a stylish straight leg jean instead. It’s worth investing a bit in a pair of jeans. Nudie is a great designer brand on our site that you might like. Otherwise, the high street has some perfect pieces like these Uniqlo straight leg jeans (£29.90).

3. TOPS: Snap up a few stylish tops to go with your jeans. This sleeveless piece from Next (£22) will give a chic touch to a casual look with your jeans, a blazer and flats. It’ll also look perfect with a skirt. Stock up on a few longline jersey tops like this cool must-have from H&M £9.99. Think of t-shirts that have great necklines like this draped scoop neck piece also from H&M £7.99.

4. BLAZER: It’s still crisp and cold out there. A tailored blazer that will take you through to summer is a true wardrobe basic. This single breasted style from Next £50 comes in a figure-flattering longline cut. You can style your jeans outfits with this or throw it over you versatile dress adding a burst of colour to your look. Zara’s grey jersey fabric blazer (£29.99) will also work a dream for that casual chic look.

5. ACCESSORIES: Scarves are always a stylish must-have and will dress up any of your outfits beautifully. Try this animal print style from Monsoon or this oversized GAP scarf for a cosier touch. I hope that this has pointed you in the right direction for your casual but chic wardrobe. Happy shopping. Natalie x

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