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I just bought two dresses and am stumped for practical (pram-pushing) shoes and a transitional coat. ….

Posted on: March 7, 2012

QUESTION: Hiya I recently bought these dresses (a yellow floral print piece and a black and red rose print one) for day time wear, but I’m stumped for practical shoes (no heels I’m pushing a pram!) and a coat for them in this in between Spring weather. Coat under £150 and shoes under £ 70 .

ANSWER: Hello and thank you for contacting us! It’s lovely to hear from you. The two dresses you have bought are fabulous and that 50’s style works a dream with your figure. Whilst you are looking for practical shoes – it certainly doesn’t mean that they cannot be fashionable. Here are some ideas for your shoes and coats for your outfits:

1. Banana Republic trench coat £150: In terms of a transitional coat, a trench coat is the perfect style for this time of year. This piece from Banana Republic is a true investment piece. It is single breasted so it will flatter your bust and soften the look of your broad shoulders. The belt accentuates your lovely defined waist. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a trench coat as the high street has great pieces, like this classic piece also on sale at Mango £59.99. It’s a lighter shade and will be perfect for when we finally get a bit of spring/summer fashion up and running. Although I would not recommend a double breasted style to someone with a large bust, if you wear this particular piece open at the neck, creating a flattering v-neck (as shown on the model) it works perfectly. Trench coats realy are timeless classics and a key transitional piece. Eiter of these coats will look great over a pair of jeans and gorgeous blouse.

2. New Look, snake skin flats, £15.99: If you want a great style to go with both of the dresses, then a hot-off-the-catwalk animal print ballerina is perfect. It just adds a bit of a quirky touch to your outfit and complements that retro feel that you have goin on here. Opt for these snakeskin prints beauties with a tiny wedge. Or, you could add a bit of leopard print.

3. Black bow detail ballerinas, Zara £17.99: For something ore classic you cannot beat a chic black ballerina. This style has a lovely flat bow front detail – very girlie and in keeping with the dress. Worn with black opaques it will make the bright yellow of your one dress go pop and blend in like a dream with the other.

4. Next, red patent ballerinas, £28: Why not go for a little bit of a zingy colour clash with these patent red pumps. If you buy the black trench then style these with black opaques with both dresses. If you buy the classic stone colour trench, then style these with a dark navy opaque when wearing the yellow dress and with regular black opaques when wearing the black floral print dress.
I hope that this has helped you out with your fashion dilemma. Remember – just because it’s practical doesn’t mean it can’t be fashionable.
Natalie x

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