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On a tight budget. Looking for an outfit for a Christening. I’ld like something I can wear again!

Posted on: March 19, 2012

QUESTION: I need help finding an outfit for my friend’s christening. It is in London and fairly posh but not over the top!!! I would like a dress perhaps, but think it is still tights weather! Can wear heels but not too high as getting train and tube there! I am a student on a fairly tight budget, maybe £100 for whole outfit but do not want it to look cheap! Please help!!!! I would like something I will wear again !!

ANSWER: Sounds like a great event you have lined up. Don’t worry we’ll keep you looking chic and stylish. Yes it most likely will be cold so it will be tights weather. If you have a look at your Dressipi Fashion Fingerprint you will see what style clothes suit your body shape and why. For you it’s all about injecting a bit of shapley curve into your silhouette. With that in mind here is an outfit we hope that you will like:

1. Zara dress £39.99: You cannot go wrong with a chic little black dress. It keeps things understated and stylish. This piece from Zara has a very feminine feel to it with an accentuated waist detail that will create a bit of shape. After the christening you can bling this up for a night out with sky scraper heels and a bright clutch bag. For summer, you can add a fun coloured wedge and oversized sunnies for a weekend look.

2. Jackets £24.99 It will be cold no doubt and you also want to add a bit of colour to your look. H&M really does have some fantastic tailored jackets in so many colours. I’ve picked this blue, but really any colour will work. If you don’t want a colour then go for an on trend white jacket or a neutral shade. This second piece from H&M is lovely. You can wear it open or closed, but I think with the little belt detail worn closed over the dress would look fabulous. These pieces are great to dress up a pair of jeans for a Saturday night out, or style with a pencil skirt and heels.
4. SHOES: I am going to give you a lot of shoe options and for various reasons. Most importantly is that you shouldn’t buy a style you won’t wear again just because it has a low heel (like most of us you look so at home in high heels!). I don’t want you to waste your money. I know you have a fair bit of travelling to do. I would actually highly recommend that you take a bigger handbag (as opposed to a clutch/shoulder bag for example) and travel in flat pumps, so you are comfortable, and then switch into a heel just before you get to the church. I do it all the time. That way you can also add a scarf and jumper in your bag as it may get really cold on your way back home. Bear in mind it’s a christening – there will be lots of people there with babies and big baby bags etc. I have given you a selection of heel heights here, because if you do go the flats-heels route you can take your pick and go for something that is more you and that you will wear again.

*These black Zara peep toe’s (£29.99) have a trendy concealed platform. They will keep your look very chic. They are not ideal for travelling in though but I thought I would show them to you. They are great for party outfits and nights out.

*It would also look lovely if you wore a coloured court shoe like these patent leather ones from J by Jasper Conran at Debenahms (£28). We have used these shoes for a user make-over competition and they are lovely and not as high as they look so you can travel in them. These would look fabulous with a pair of jeans and a great blouse.

* The other route is to go for a kitten heel like either of these lovely options from ASOS (£35):

All of these combinations will keep your look ultra-chic and your outfit will look far from cheap. What’s more is that it just makes your budget. The ASOS shoes will take you slightly over budget. I would go for the J by Jasper Conran shoes and the beige jacket option – they even match the belt, and will look perfect with black tigts and your dress. Choices! Choices! I hope that this has helped with your fashion dilemma. Have a lovely time at the Christening.

Natalie x

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