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This week’s “fashion firsts” at Dressipi …

Posted on: April 20, 2012

A Dressipi Stylist’s job is never done until she has a “fashion first”.  By that we mean when a “I would never wear or buy that” becomes a “gosh who would have thought – I love it!”. And thanks to modern technology and your Fashion Fingerprint ™ we have been having a lot of “fashion firsts” of late. As Tara and I sat at our desks one afternoon this week helping our techies decipher and turn our fashion brains into algorithms for a very exciting Dressipi project, “fashion firsts” came flying out of the blue like shooting stars on a balmy night. It all started the evening before as I settled in to watch Gossip Girl. My phone pinged with a picture hot off the Selfridge’s shoe department shop floor. The message read “which shoe left or right?”. It was Donna and Sarah. Shoe shopping for Sarah’s wedding. On her feet? Silver strappy Jimmy Choos. Gossip Girl could wait this was a Dressipi two-in-one fashion first moment: 1 –  Silver strappy high heels; 2 – Jimmy Choos. “Which ones do you love?” I pinged back. “One on the left foot” came pinging back at me. “Then those are the ones you must get. They’re most you”  And so she did. And Tara and I nodded our heads as Sarah sashayed around the office modelling her silver strappy sandals with her skinny jeans and polka dot blouse (great combo). Marvelling at how perfect they would look with a cheeky cocktail dress. And the gorgeous wedding dress. And, and, and … “I think I should get a pair…” said Donna…

As Tara and I tried to get back to being techie (what reads wrong with that statement?), the lovely DHL man arrived. Parcel from Monsoon. For Donna and Sarah. Two gold box weave clutch bags as recommended on Dressipi’s weekly email. “I’ve never had a clutch before,” said Donna, “it actually fits quite a bit in.” And it’s the prefect way to update any outfit in a simple fashion flash with a touch of colour or a new catwalk trend (think prints).

And Tara and I nodded our heads as we marvelled at Donna’s brand new floral print Equipment blouse that she had recently bought off The Outnet – at a high street price. Canny outlet shopping and the Fashion Fingerprint ™ go hand-in-hand. Perfect for dabbling in a trend. This is the person who refused to wear florals, but when she did styled them with a cool hooded parka to give all that girliness a bit of edge.”They are on trend and I kept getting them in my recommendations pages. So I thought I should finally give it a try. And I love it!” And Tara and I nodded our heads and got back to the business of techie stuff and exciting projects…Fashion firsts indeed. Natalie x

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