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What our stylists are buying: small feet? fab shoes

Posted on: May 16, 2012

There’s been a lot of DHL action in the Dressipi office lately. It’s hard not to when you’re editing and styling gorgeous product all day. Here we love nothing more than a good shoe. Today there’s going to be a lot of Choo action as we style up our looks for the newly launched Choo24/7 website (more of that next week).

But spare a thought for those of you with tiny feet like our fabulous stylist Selina. With a shoe size 2 it’s more a “no” to Louboutins and a “yes” to ‘Suri Cruise may I have your high heel left overs?’.

That is unless you know how to shop wisely – which Selina does.

On Friday afternoon a magic box arrived from Zara housing these on-trend rose gold metallic lace-ups. “Oh those are great where did you manage to find them in your size?” Selina had snapped these up from the kids’ department of Zara. Thankfully the future generations of this world are being kept very much up-to-date in the style stakes…which is a great thing…because now you can have small, but happy, feet.

We’ll keep you posted with pics of the shoes in ‘style action’.

Metallic lace-ups £19.99 Zara.com

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