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Style Advice: My son’s getting married and I’ld like to look sophisticated, yet modern

Posted on: May 21, 2012

QUESTION: My son’s getting married in September, and I’d love to look sophisticated, yet modern. It’s a city wedding, and very formal. I know that anything with a defined waist, a full skirt or a V-neckline doesn’t suit me. If the “waist” comes just under the bust (my narrowest part), it’s usually okay.I’d prefer sleeves if possible and would like to wear a knee length dress. Pastels don’t suit me. I desperately need help to find something – I can spend up to £250.

ANSWER: Congratulations on your son’s forthcoming wedding. It sounds like a lovely day and with such an important role to play as Mother-of-the-Groom you are right to put some extra thought into the big day ahead. Having looked at your fashion fingerprint and taking into consideration all that you’ve told us we hope that you love the outfit we have suggested for you below:

1. Dorothy Perkins, dress £36: This printed dress will look heavenly on your colouring and has a small sleeve as requested. You are lucky to have a figure that is in proportion top and bottom wise and as far as possible having a hint of definition at the waist does actually create a better silhouette for you and makes you appear slimmer. This idea is hard to accept if you are conscious of your tummy area but this dress does just this but in a very gentle way:

2. Planet, jacket, £149: Your dress would look gorgeous worn under this beautiful tailored jacket. The colour will look great on you and adds a more formal element to the look. It’s always great to have layers at wedding events as in the evening you can take off the tailoring and the dress on it’s own will look great for the reception part in the evening:

3. J by Jasper Conran for Debanhams hat, £63: As the Mother-of-the-Groom you might want to wear a hat. There’s no better reason to have something fabulous for this occasion and this beautiful one from J by Jasper Conran at Debenhams (picture above) will go perfectly with your look. Wear tilted forwards and slightly to one side for the chicest way of wearing it.

4. Wallis, shoes, £33: A heel gives an elegant touch an outfit and these sandals in a leg-elongating nude shade will look heavenly with your dress.

5. New Look, clutch, £12.99: Finally add that finishing touch with a gorgeous clutch in a chic neutral tone.

Have a fabulous time at the wedding! Tarax

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