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PERFECT FOR YOU: This week it’s all about Ascot outfits and tips on how to find the perfect hat

Posted on: June 8, 2012

Ascot is upon us. And summer weddings. And garden parties and all manner of occasions that call for fabulous frocks and fanciful headgear.  And oh the choices! Next week it’s time to dazzle at Ascot Ladies Day which is why we’ve eased your “what am I going to wear” pain with a fabulously figure flattering outfit. We hope you’ll get a lot of use out of your dress with a quick change of heel to wedge, for example. When it comes to your head turning hats we’ve decided to give you a little bit of expert advice to help you navigate your way through the sea of feathers and wide brimmed finery out there. At lovehats.com, available here at Dressipi, you can virtually try on a hat. Have a click and see. You can also use these handy tips from talented young milliner Laura Cathcart who I spotted across a beautifully clad crowd of guests at a wedding in Aberdeen in May. Well, actually I spotted her hat first. An exquisite black boater called “Anne” £255. It was so ‘Coco Before Chanel’ I thought. Then I spotted Laura – stylishly dressed in a pair of leg-flaunting crisp cut black cigarette trousers and a cinched-in-at-the-waist white jacket. Monochrome – so next season, now!

Taking time out from her studio just off the Fulham Road, where you can buy off the peg or bespoke pieces at extremely reasonable prices, Laura gave us a few handy tips on how to find the perfect hat in answer to my questions below:

Where do I start when it comes to picking a hat?! Try to start by finding the style that matches your face shape first rather than matching your outfit exactly. That way you will feel more comfortable wearing it. Then you can decide if you’ll go for the sharp tailored look or for a more soft and feminine style.

How do I know what style suits me? If you are smaller look for something that sweeps up to give height rather than a flatter brim that you will get lost under. Those that are taller can go for a wider brim as it will give them balance.

What if someone is hat-phobic! For the less confident hat wearer I usually tell them to go simple, stick to one colour. More often than not this can look more elegant.

Is it possible to buy a versatile hat? If you have several weddings to go to this summer try to pick a hat that goes with a couple of your favourite outfits or stick to neutrals that will be more versatile.

So, what are your popular styles at the moment? My clients usually fall into two camps. The smaller hat which sits at the front is popular as its easy to wear all day and you can kiss everyone hello. For Ascot though some like to go ‘the bigger the better’, especially as there is no one to sit behind them in church.
And there you have it. If you’ve been Dressipi’d for Ascot, please don’t forget to send us your pics…we want to share the fashion love. All pictures and headpieces from www.lauracathcart.com Natalie x

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