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WARDROBE WONDERS: Dressipi’s search for the perfect bag

Posted on: June 12, 2012

Finding the perfect day bag is a tricky business. After all, unlike a jazzy evening clutch or this summer’s perfect pastel dress a day bag is not just for summer… potentially it’s a long term commitment. Here at Dressipi we’ve been working hard to identify the key pieces that create the ultimate capsule wardrobe and a fabulous bag is without doubt one of your most important investment pieces. Get it right and it’ll give you joy day in and day out.

Here at Dressipi HQ it’s a hot topic of conversation and ever so insightful! Try looking at the key best ladies in your life and you’ll see just how revealing the purchase of an everyday bag is. Take our lovely CEO Sarah. She’s been looking for a replacement to her rugged outdoor rucksack and longs to find something that crams in her hectic life, races along happily whilst on her cycling commute and reflects the “butterfly effect” Dressipi has had on her wardrobe. So difficult is it that the search continues and the hunt for a sexy stylish rucksack goes on!

For Donna, our other fabulous CEO, she wanted something practical but without a need for the bike riding element she was still looking for something big enough to elegantly hold her busy life. She had a brief flirtation with a 3.1 Phillip Lim bag until that one sadly didn’t fulfill it’s price promise but ever the savvy shopper she persisted. Unlike some girls who are easily dazzled by the first expensive black tote to come along, Donna is a little more discerning than the rest of us. She’s a phenomenal researcher and perfectly executed a strategic hunt before she completely fell, but fall she did, for the amazing deal she found on The Outnet (of which Donna is a patient addict) and she’s now delighted with her  quilted tote from Be & D…. which she slings over her shoulder with the flash of a chunky chainlink shoulder strap… jealous!

Selina, one of stylish fashion teamsters has a more carefree attitude to leather accessories. Always less demanding and happy to look for the fun in life, Selina found a cute vintage style across the body bag with a scattering of shiny studs from Massimo Dutti. It’s perfectly compact (a bit like heavenly Selina herself) which she throws non-chalantly over her gorgeous knits, skinny jeans and flippy skirts… echoing her youthful style.


Head fashionista Natalie isn’t currently looking for ‘the’ bag… she quietly but confidently already owns a beautiful timeless Mulberry that reflects this lady’s elegant style whilst carrying her Louboutin’s and laptop to and from work…. although when pushed, she has divulged that she would consider a serious new commitment (if the time was right) with the ultimate stylist’s choice… a CÉLINE Boston bag…. but this would of course be a long term thing.



Personally I’ve been fastidiously hunting for ‘the one’ ever since my beautiful but now sadly saggy Miu Miu tote was considerably heavier than the 7lb baby I carried in exchange for this amazing present from my lovely husband!

ImageMy son is now a cheeky two and a half year old and I am eager to shed my chic nappy bag for a lighter brighter sleeker style. I too had a list of demands… big enough to hold my everyday gear (laptop, lipbalm, packet of raisins, Buzz Lightyear, etc.) with the option of a shoulder strap and hand straps, a few pockets, clasps, all the usual stuff. I had lingered in the Miu Miu shop at Heathrow’s Teminal 3 and purveyed every black bag from their exquisite Matelassé effect tote


to a sparkly sequin satchel


but I just couldn’t find “the one”. I visited Zara, trawled through Selfridges and scoured My Wardrobe but this season, to no avail. And then… with my penchant for all those amazing french labels like Maje and The Kooples that I am currently obsessed with I slunk into Sandro and nestled amongst the heavenly summer collection….there it was… slouchy, lots of zips and without a big glinting label (which I kind of love) it has two tassels that add the perfect surprise detail I was after.

Anyway…. Here are Donna and I looking smug and cheesy with our super new bags:


and even though we’ve found our “ones” (for now) …. here are a few more that we secretly hankering after:


Zara black structured leather tote



Marc by Marc Jacobs slouchy leather tote



Mulberry timeless double strap tote

Tara x





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