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STYLE ADVICE: Working mum of 42 looking for a smart/casual outfit to go out for drinks

Posted on: June 26, 2012

QUESTION: I am a working mum of 42 ( nearly 43) with 3 boys. I have ended up with a bit of a brick like figure with little or no waist and a slight pot belly. I am looking for something to wear to go out for drinks slightly dressed up but not too formal (smart casual) not mutton dressed as lamb but also not too frumpy. I don’t like my arms ( but who does) and have a relatively ok bust.
I like jeans with heels but hate muffin top that I get when one fits as my legs and bottom and lack of hips seems to cause this all the time. Budget … if a great outfit 300, but would like cheeper and could go more expensive. I don’t need shoes have tonnes of them.

ANSWER: If you have a look at your Dressipi Must Haves you will see what style clothes suit your body shape and why. For you it’s all about creating the illusion of curves.

1. Reiss black blazer: Every wardrobe needs a tailored blazer in a neutral shade – think black, or beige, or navy. For you a great tuxedo style jacket, or something that is ultra tailored, like this single button piece from Reiss will create shapely definition. It also gives a modern update to your wardrobe. What’s more, this is the type of piece you can style with jeans, with a day dress, a cocktail dress and even an evening gown. It’s all about versatility! You might also like this By Malene Birger navy blue tuxedo style blazer. It’s similar to the black one that you have “liked” in your recommendations but that particular one has sold out.

2. Vivienne Westwood Anglomania top: To disguise your tummy area and also to give your silhouette the sense of definition and curve go for tops that have some illusion detailing. This Westwood piece is a fab “going out” number. Styled with your blazer and a pair of jeans it’s not too over the top but ultra-stylish.

3. Acne high waisted jeans: It’s important to really get a decent fitting pair of jeans. You can go for a designer brand or something mid range on the high street. As far as designers go have a look at cult label Acne – great if you want to update the over all feel of your wardrobe. These high waisted jeans will deal with your “pot belly issue” by holding everything in – in a stylish way of course. They flare out very slightly from the knee. Add a pair of killer heels and you have a sexy but stylish outfit.

4. Levi’s Semi Curve jeans: Alternatively, Levi’s does a great range called, Curve ID with different ‘Curve’ styles to suit different body shapes. For you it’s all about the Semi Curve – a style that sculpts shape into your silhouette.

Natalie x

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