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STYLE ADVICE: How do I style my new beige chinos?

Posted on: July 16, 2012

QUESTION: I recently bought beige chinos but I’m not sure what to wear them with e.g. What type of shoes, shirt, accessories.

ANSWER: I am glad that all of our other recommendations were of use to you. Chinos are a great wardrobe staple. Style them in a similar way that you would your jeans. Pink is one of your favourite colours and this will work perfectly with the beige for a summer look. They are a great wardrobe staple.

1. Uniqlo t-shirt £9.90: This is a fun and chic t-shirt that would look great with your chinos.

2. Topshop pink flats £35: There are so many stylish flats out there like these fabulous pink suede Topshop ballerinas with a diamanté encrusted detail. They would look fabulous with jeans, black trousers and any little dress that you have. You could also style your chinos with a cool pair of Converse trainers.

3. Zara pink cardigan £15.99: Chinos have a bit of a preppy chic feel to them and styling your look with a cardigan complements this whole mood.

4. Stud cuff New Look £4.99: Use your accessories to toughen things up a bit like this studded New Look bracelet and this chain detail quilt bag from Mango £12.99. … Natalie x

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