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WARDROBE WONDERS: What not to wear when you can’t find your wellies and how to clean your shoes

Posted on: July 17, 2012

Even stylists have the shoe blues as I realised when I visited the gorgeous English countryside this weekend. It’s a visual ode to rolling green fields, whispering forests, frolicking animals, romantic heroines of yore and – mud. Lots of it. Something that slipped my mind when I slipped into a figure flattering black and white Issa dress, my French blue Panama hat and a fabulous pair of deep red Jimmy Choo sandals. It was the Veuve Clicquot Polo at Cowdray after all and a sit down lunch needed a sit down look. That’s the feeling I got from the invitation. But I didn’t expect all that mud or the fact that the car park minders would not let us be dropped off right outside the lunch tent. Not very Pretty Woman at all. This meant navigating my way from one pair of shoes, to another to another to another (I couldn’t find my wellies so I came prepared for all eventualities with a prop kit of shoes) as I ploughed through the mud to get to lunch and look remotely decent.


“Not the place for heels!” laughed a gentleman as I sunk in the field attempting to swap Choos for my friend’s Hunters.”Oh my gosh this is like Ab Fab,” I laughed as I then swapped my friend’s Hunters for my Penelope Chilvers boots, and she swapped her mud-laden Lanvin wedges for her Hunter wellies, mud splattering all over my handbag and dress as I tried to avoid the big red hospitality bus full of celebs. Are you still with me. “Umm you’ve been sent to the wrong tent,” explained one usher as I slipped out of my Chilvers and into my Choos ready for a glass of champagne. “You need to walk to the next one,” he explained as I sighed and stepped out off my Choos and into my French Soles (gave up on the Chilvers – and see how convenient it is to keep flats in your bag no matter what). And then we arrived. Wet. Muddy. But we arrived. So I slipped off to the cloakroom out of my Soles into another pair of Choos and my friend’s Hunters became her Lanvins. And with champagne glass in hand and a polo match in fast and furious full swing normality was restored. So how did I clean all those shoes…scroll down for tips:


Later in the evening at home the patent leather French Soles went under a tap of hot water to soak off the mud and manure. They are dry and fine. The Chilvers leather boots got a dusting down (I let the mud dry first) and then a scrape and a wipe and a polish. The red Choos were fine as they only lasted a nano-second and honestly I think they are made of steel. The black Choo boots were fine – they were on terra firma and they’ve done their fair share of divot stomping before – but I gave them a polish. The Lanvin wedges? I don’t know, waiting to hear. The Hunters? They’re built for this stuff. I did get a text from another friend who was in a pair of pristine beige Tod’s flats: “I thought my shoes were ruined but I ended up putting them on a soft wash in the machine and they came out like new!” … So now you know. And I’ve just found my wellies. Natalie x (as adapted from my blog)

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