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Posted on: August 2, 2012

Our day-to-day at Dressipi is never the same as our styling and tech teams work non stop to deliver topical and insightful suggestions on how to dress your best. Yesterday was no different, the Dressipi team decided to take a break from our Mayfair office to spend the day at co-founder Sarah McVittie’s lovely house in North West London for a Dressipi retreat.

With laptops, notebooks and a lot of coffee mugs in hand, the editorial and admin teams worked side by side our amazing tech gurus as they powered through a day of intensive coding. With a challenging list of possible new Dressipi features and apps to develop, the tech team cracked on with it to make sure we had our favourite features developed and tested by the end of the day. I have to say yesterday wasn’t all about hard work and no play, the casual breaks to watch Team GB win two Olympic Gold medals were a great distraction from our hectic schedule and the delicious barbecue was the perfect end to a productive day.


Go Team GB!

Stylist versus Tech


Team Lunch

Elena’s baking




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