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LUST HAVES: How to do shiny, happy trousers

Posted on: August 14, 2012

In amongst all the Olympic fever and working very hard on the soon to be released new look and feel of Dressipi, we fell into a serious style discussion. Thanks to the cover of the VOGUE September issue. It went something like this:

I am not sure I would be able to pull off those trousers. [Jonathan Saunders wool/silk geometric print]

Really? You’ve got legs from here to eternity they would look fabulous.

No, they are too loud for me.

Ah. Ok. Which is what Dressipi is all about – not the loud bit, but making sure that you not only dress your shape but also wear styles that are you and that make you feel comfortable. So just because an ultra-slim, straight leg, belted pair of trousers in that channel a catwalk trend may flatter your shape, if you’re not really a geometric print with a bit of shine kind of girl, then it’s a ‘no’.

But, if you are, then you can do a top-to-toe print clash, as on the cover of VOGUE, or let your trousers do all the talking and keep everything else simple, like our outfit of the day over on Facebook or below. We’ve styled these Zara printed trousers, with a plain and simple black H&M top, a t-shirt would be great too. Instead of a pattern and colour clash we’ve upped the style quota a bit with this irresistible ASOS statement necklace. This pair of Kurt Geiger black sandals is on sale at the bargain price of £64.

If you want your trousers to shine and shimmer in a vibrant colour have a look at these ASOS floral print pink jacquard trousers or these burst of green ASOS cropped trousers both of which you could swap for the Zara trousers in the look above…for a happy, shiny day. Natalie x

1 Response to "LUST HAVES: How to do shiny, happy trousers"

That’s it… the final straw… I’ve had enough of this… I can’t go another day without commenting on your blog.
I’m a man, and absolutely love the whole dressipi thing – it just makes SO much sense. Don’t get me wrong – I’m entirely happy being a man – but whenever I read your blog (regularly), I wish I were a woman. You just seem to be doing all the right things, talking so much sense, and having so much fun doing it. I have encouraged countless people to register at dressipi.com – I only wish you could do something for me!

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