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Dressipi has a new look and feel

Posted on: August 15, 2012

Dressipi has had a bit of a gloss over – just in time for the new season! Here’s a step by step guide to some of the changes we’ve made. First off, we’ve given our home page a fabulous make-over  – just because:

Secondly, because we believe it’s our Fashion Fingerprint™ that makes us – and most importantly you – so unique you will see this fashion ‘dna’ strand across all your pages. It’s your very own Fashion Fingerprint™ and if you go to the How Does It Work section of the site under Help, you will see what we mean about the Fashion Fingerprint and why it is so important. For a quick direct link- just click here

Once you’ve logged in, we have introduced a fun and fashionable Personal Homepage called What’s New?, where you will see the latest “New In” product recommended from your Fashion Fingerprint™, as well as a bit from us stylists on Street Style, Trends and Star Buy. If you would like to be featured in the Street Style section sporting ‘a look’ just email me a picture, we would love to have you on our site. You will also see the sites that are inspiring Tara and myself. There are so many fabulous fashion tricks and treats out there it would be rude not to share them with you. Finally we run a strip of our Lust Haves – high heels this week – well, why not. This page will get updated every week:

Your Must Haves and Must Avoids are the very core and solid style structures of how to dress. Without them we would all be drowning in a sea of very unflattering clothing. We have updated these to include examples of current product for each Must Have:

This is just the start of exciting and quite clever things to come. Keep watching this blog space for more. By the way, you can now find the blog under the “Inspiration” section of the site. Let us know what you think! Natalie x

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