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ASK A STYLIST: For my wedding I’m wearing a YSL trouser look. What shoes should I wear. How should I style my hair?

Posted on: September 17, 2012

QUESTION: For my wedding (not religious and in a town on the sea in Italy), I chose a white silk shirt and trousers from Yves Saint Laurent (see bridal collection autumn winter 2011 -12) I kindly ask your advice on:  Hair, I have long hair …a chignon? Shoes – white or champagne coloured high heels and what style? For the bouquet … if it’s an all white look I would consider white tulips, if not I might go for English roses in champagne and what about jewellery. What do you think?

ANSWER: Hello and thank you for contacting us, it’s lovely to hear from you. Congratulations on your wedding, you must be very excited. I have had a look at the beautiful Yves Saint Laurent bridal collection – what a stylish idea for a wedding dress alternative. You are going to look fabulous. In response to your questions:

1. Hair in a chignon: For autumn/winter 2012 hair slicked back in a stylish chignon ruled the catwalks at designers like Dior (picture above), Alberta Ferretti, Jil Sander and Victoria Beckham to name a few. I think a chignon is a sleek and elegant mood for long hair. Some designers like Derek Lam (picture below) did chignons that were slicked back in the front but had volume at the back to look a bit messy. It’s best to try out a few versions before your wedding and see which one you feel is most “you”.

2. YSL peep toe heels: I think a champagne coloured shoe or even something in a very very soft metallic would be great just to add a dimension to the white.You could go for one of two styles. These nude coloured peep toe shoes by YSL will suit the mood of your look and give the trousers the right amount of height to balance out and flatter your proportions. You can wear these after the wedding with dresses, trousers, jeans…anything in your wardrobe.

3. Two-tone Valentino heels:  You might also like these two-tone Valentino heels which are gorgeous and have a hint of champagne colour to them.

4. Bouquet: I think a bouquet of champagne coloured roses would look lovely. Perhaps introduce very simple champagne coloured earrings? White jewellery will be too severe.

I hope that this has given you some fashion inspiration. Congratulations once again! Natalie x



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