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STAR STYLE: A live panel chat, fashion at the Emmy’s …and have we seen that look before?

Posted on: September 24, 2012

Last night I had the pleasure of sitting on not one but two SHOWstudio.com fashion panels for Dolce & Gabbana and Giorgio Armani. To fill you in. This is an ingenious idea by acclaimed British fashion photographer Nick Knight to cover the shows as they happen with a live discussion between four or five industry insiders. It’s the same as if you were chit-chatting through the shows with your friends. Whether you are “ohhhing” and “ahhhing” or “eeeuuuwwwing” and “eerrriing”…it’s all part of the fashion fun and offers great insight into each designer and the industry itself. It’s the type of thing you are never going to read in the pages of a magazine. It’s the first time anyone has thought to turn fashion show commentary into a mini-social-platform. I predict the front row future right here!

It was made all the more fun as the shows are hosted by the ‘hostess with the mostess’ author Camilla Morton. Camilla and I worked together at Russian VOGUE – our first major job in the industry  – and attended some of our first momentous fashion shows together in London, Paris, you name it, as fashion rookies. There was always a drama. Trust me. No taxis in Milan. Being locked out of shows in London. Rained on in Paris. Getting on the wrong train and missing a show you had to write about (these were the days of NO social media, live streaming, etc). No tickets in general. Whew. This was altogether a lot more civilised. Tea. Cake. Champagne. A seat. Warm. Dry. And. You can say what you like. Just watch them and see! However, as democratic as a live panel is, there’s never time to say everything. So I am going to use this blog to settle a teeny-weeny but all important fashion point that one of my ultra-stylish fellow panelists took up with me.

I happened to mention whilst discussing Giorgio Armani that thanks to social media by the time some catwalk looks got to the red carpet they had been seen so many times over. However, it was pointed out by a panelist that red-carpet looks were bespoke to each star so no one had seen them yet. Ummmm. Ok. And then the conversation moved on. And I could not prove my point. To argue or not to argue? But I didn’t have to. Because as we were analysing Giorgio Armani the Emmy’s were unfolding with a dazzling array of red-carpet fashion. And a lot of it not bespoke … but hot off the catwalk. Most notably so on two of the winners Julianne Moore and Claire Danes. Humour me ok! It’s all part of the fashion fun and watch www.showstudio.com it’s the most amazing front row ever. Natalie x

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