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WARDROBE WONDERS: The bare essentials like the perfect black opaques and no VPL knickers

Posted on: October 9, 2012

Sometimes in life it’s good to go back to basics. What lies beneath is often very much instrumental in the sheer perfection of what coats the exterior. From your must-have work-to-weekend dress to your fail proof jeans look it’s the little things that count, like where to get the best black opaque tights from. Or, which brand really has perfected the art of no-VPL underwear. Being a huge fan of all of those flirty body-skimming silk jersey dresses, in particular those by Issa, I really do understand the very important fact of, …smooth lines. There is nothing more annoying than a brand discontinuing an item you thought was sheer perfection, whether it’s your favourite colour lipstick or in my case what I thought was the perfect no-VPL-knicker. M&S won that accolade from me, but that was a a good two years back and since then I haven’t been able to find that particular wardrobe solution in that particular fabric anymore.

1. Calvin Klein invisible set of 3 thongs £29: Then I discovered Calvin Klein’s offerings, not quite as perfect as those M&S ones of yore but my new favourites. They come in a very fine stretch-jersey and you can get them in sets of three, in black or q nude tone from net-a-porter.

2. H&M 2 pack black opaque tights £6.99: I have to say in terms of no fuss, no fanfare, just simply fabulous, these black opaque tights from H&M are brilliant. As I mentioned before I discovered them by default when I had to have  a quick emergency wardrobe change. They are a 40 dernier but also come in a much thicker 200 dernier. What I love is that they have a slight velvety sheen to them and feel really smooth and silky on the skin.

2. Falke soft merino wool blend tights £29: If you don’t mind spending a bit on tights, Falke has an incredible merino wool blend style. I love this and also discovered them quite by default a while back on a fashion shoot. They are perfect for winter and they do last very well. In terms of fit and texture, they are ultra cosy but not as thick as if you were wearing a ribbed opaque so most importantly they do have that lovely sleek feel to them. Perfect for your pins. Natalie x

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