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STYLE ADVICE: I am looking for a cocktail dress for a Christmas work event

Posted on: October 22, 2012

QUESTION: Hi, thanks for your previous advice and your recommendations. I have a work Christmas do that requires us to wear cocktail dresses. It is an upmarket venue and I want to look the part. We also may be watching a cabaret show and going out dancing afterwards, so I need something that will cover all 3 events. Please can you help me out with what cocktail dress to wear to this event and how to style it.

ANSWERS: Your Christmas work do sounds fantastic, lucky you! We’ve picked out some stunning pieces for you which will be just perfect for all 3 events!

1. New Look, clutch, £7.99: No party outfit is complete without a handy clutch bag and this one from New Look is a modern classic. At just £7.99, we think it’s a great price too!

2. A/Wear dress, £55.00: We at Dressipi just love this dress. It’s both simple and elegant, making it just perfect for an upmarket venue. The belted waist and volume in the pleated skirt will also suit your enviable shape beautifully.

3. Simply Be Fur stole, £38.00: To keep warm at your Christmas work event , wrap up in this glamorous fur stole from Simply Be. I have my eye on it for a winter wedding look.

4. Wallis sandals, £39.50: These Jimmy Choo-esque sandals from Wallis are simply gorgeous and just a cut of the price. The pale gold tones will suit the rest of your outfit perfectly and are also the perfect way to dress up a pair of jeans.  We hope you have an absolutely fantastic time at your Christmas night out. Selina x

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