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WARDROBE WONDERS: A new boot in the office

Posted on: October 23, 2012


We have gone past the point of no return. Opaques. Boots. Umbrellas. Scarves. It’s all happening now until about sometime next year and I am not going to bother hazarding a guess as to when exactly. It’s the perfect weather for busting out a boot. A stylish boot that is. Save your cosy Uggs and Mous and any other brand that sounds like a farmyard animal saying “good morning” for January and February, those months when you wish you were walking around with a duvet wrapped permanently around you. Instead, opt for one of the fabulous style options out there at the moment. Ankle boots are absolutely having their moment in the sun (so to speak). It’s the easiest boot to style for when you want to battle the rain but still look fabulous. I have to hand it to our Dressipi style sleuth Donna who is very adept at globally sourcing the exact colour, style, boot, brand that she so desires. (Which goes a long way into explaining what drove her to set up Dressipi). Being a Sam Edelman 24-hour ballerina flats type of woman it was only right that her winter ankle boot was to be a Sam Edelman number. In her favourite on-trend colour of the moment “berry”.  You might also like the same style in black leather.  Remember to use a protector spray (against the rain!) on your suede shoes and boots.


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