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ASK A STYLIST: I am looking for a stylish outfit to wear for a meal at Jamie Oliver’s restaurant

Posted on: December 3, 2012

QUESTION:  I am looking for a smart-casual dress, or jeans and top for a meal at Jamie Oliver’s . My budget is £100 to £150.

 ANSWER: Hello and thank you for contacting us, it’s lovely to hear from you. Lucky you to be dining out at Jamie Oliver’s! We have given you a jeans-and-top, as well as a dress option for you to wear to your dinner. If you click on ‘Advice’ and then go to your personal ‘Style Guide’, you will see what suits your body shape and why. With this in mind, we hope you like the two different options that we’ve picked out for you.

1. Somerset by Alice Temperley, blouse, £79.00: This is a stunning silk blouse and also comes in two of your favourite colours (both pink and blue!). The pussy bow style is perfect for you, as it creates flattering volume up top to help balance out your proportions.


2. Elegance, jeans, £89.00:- Straight cut, mid rise jeans such as this great pair from Elegance are the best style for you, as they cleverly even out hip proportions, with a comfortable fit around the waist.


3. Hobbs, dress, £77.40:- This chic and elegant fit and flare dress from Hobbs is perfect for you, as it cinches in the waist and skims over hips balancing out proportions.


4. Dune, clutch, £36.00:- This is a gorgeous, affordable clutch and will suit the navy dress we’ve chosen for you wonderfully.We hope this has given you some fashion inspiration and we hope you have an absolutely wonderful dinner. Selina x


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