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LUST HAVES: Chanel’s “Dressed to kilt” Pre-Fall Show

Posted on: December 5, 2012

There is nothing more spellbinding than a Chanel show. From the moment you receive that embossed invitation the Chanelesque mood is set. You know that you are going to step into a world that is head-to-toe Chanel from the clothes to the chairs for the audience. I’ve been to Chanel shows where swimming pools have been turned into catwalks, complete with lifeguards in Chanel swimwear; I’ve seen shows with live music performances and where even the macaroons are in that ultra-chic Chanel black and white. I still have the little Chanel stamped flask that was filled with of hot soup to keep us warm one Couture show. Og and the pink Chanel embossed parasol . It’s impossible to put into words the fabulous theatre of an experience these shows are. So you can just imagine how spectacular the Chanel Pre-Fall 2013 show in Scotland’s Linlithgow Palace was last night. This is the palace where Mary Queen of Scots was born. I lived the show vicariously thanks to  twitter and fashion sites. Have a scroll below and also click on the link at some of the pictures from www.style.com as well as the fabulous review by Tim Blanks. You can also click over to www.chanel.com for behind the scenes snapshots as well as this amazing picture of the palace. (pics style.com and chanel.com)




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