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WARDROBE WONDERS: How to hot pink your way through the season

Posted on: March 26, 2013

I was never one for studs. But show me a wild hot pink and you’ve got me interested already. The same can be said for trainers. I was never one for a pair of trainers. But then I was walking past Nike Town on Oxford street and stopped dead in my high heeled tracks when I saw these neon pink Nike Flyknit athletics trainers. And I changed my mind. They would make a fabulously chic alternative to the tried and tested ballerinas for the summer. Perfect with a little black dress, or a pair of my favourite Zara black leggings and longline t-shirt or even in a sharply tailored tuxedo style jacket with slim fit cropped trousers.


But this is clearly so not a fashion shoe. And as much as I would have love to have broken out of my I’m-not-really-a-trainers-type-of-girl fashion zone this was not the way to do it. I went to Nike Town and tried them on. They are as I said professional running trainers that just happen to be in one of the colours of the season. The look beautifully sleek and chic from the side on in this picture. But on me they looked like two massive blocks of neon pink at the end of my feet. Not really the streamlined casual shoe fantasy I had created in mind, (even though they are as light as candy floss). So when this happens. Fashion trend or not, it’s good to simply step away from the shoe. And. Go for the clutch instead.


Namely this gorgeous hot pink Michael Michael Kors pyramid stud clutch which is on its way to me via New York. As mentioned I completely skipped the stud trend when it started to hit our high street last summer. But on this accessory it has its own timeless appeal. The pink is a little less neon and a lot more hot. Here are some pieces on Dressipi that you might like: Nataliex

Zara, oversized clutch bag £39.99:


Zara, neon, box clutch £19:99:


The Cambridge Satchel Company, £125:


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