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DRESSIPI UPDATES: Improving your ‘Clothes I Own’ list

Posted on: April 4, 2013

The joy of the web is that it really means sites are very much a three-way-conversation. Between us and you and everyone else. We ask. You tell us. We listen. Then we make it happen. That’s the idea here at Dressipi. As has often been said when it comes to the clothes that we recommend, we really do believe in fabulous pieces that are multi-tasking, versatile gems. With that in mind we’ve updated your CLOTHES I OWN features. When you buy something off Dressipi, the garment will automatically appear in your ‘Clothes I Own’ list, with a date of purchase,as in the pic below:


This is not to remind you when you last shopped! It let’s us understand what is in your wardrobe. Why do we care? Well, we are in the process of building a magic outfit builder. We want to create outfits for you from clothes that are already hanging up in your wardrobe (no matter what the season) with new pieces you might want to buy or indeed buy. If you return your purchases, you can simply click on the “returned” button bottom right of the image (see below). If you bought the piece a a gift, simply click on the “gift” button bottom left of the image. The garment will then disappear from your “Clothes I Own” list.


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