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LUST HAVES: My Wardrobe Autumn / Winter 2013 Sneak Peak

Posted on: April 18, 2013


We’re over the moon to unveil from our drab winter coats and whip off our opaques now that the sun has decided to shine but even more so as it gives us the chance to finally indulge in this summer’s shimmery, bright and flimsy trends. Heck… just wearing an open toe seems exotic! Having mentioned how thrilling all that is, Natalie and I couldn’t resist the invitation to get a sneak peak at My Wardrobe’s next Autumn / Winter ’13 Preview. You’d have thought we’d be all knitted, tweeded and coated-out after the winter we’ve just had but it just goes to show that the thirst for new never quenches on planet fashion!

My Wardrobe’s evening event was a treasure trove of hot new designers, tactile textures  and sumptuous tones revealing a bright future for the latter darker months. Each rail was colour themed and featured key pieces with a nod to the trends of the forthcoming season. Sculptural leather pieces tap into the mood for luxe skins in all shades and a mixture of cuts from drapey flame red trousers to more bodycon shifts. A riot of vintage prints in vivd reds, purples and oranges clashed for the new “vunk” mood of all things slightly punk. Coats and jackets came in oversized fits and cocoon shapes. Embellishment dripped from ornate jacquards and delicate blouses featuring embroidery. We came over all unnecessary at the websites new shoe collection. Sharp pointed toes with dagger like heels were balanced on plinths whilst teddy boy sleek brothel creepers and shiny rebellesque embellished brogues stood regimentally under rails…. fantastically there’s a whole host of heel heights to suit all next season.

We can’t wait to feature all these rich pickings at Dressipi next season in all their glorious shapes, tones and fabrics but until then… let’s get back to this summer and hopefully it’s ever improving climate!

Tara x

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