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LUST HAVES: Shoe obsessions

Posted on: April 26, 2013

When I was little I always remember thinking – what is the big deal with shoes? Why were women so obsessed with them? And why did they have so many? I could never quite understand the pure delight  expressed by my mother when she bought yet another new pair of shoes – and the same went for handbags.  A 10 year old tomboy me used to see shoes as merely a practical item for running around in, and I can’t say I ever really enjoyed that yearly trip to the shoe shop to buy a new pair of school shoes. Oh how things have changed. 13 years on from my 10 year old self I have somehow managed to become this stereotypical shoe worshipping woman who unashamedly claims that they, “can never have enough shoes” (or handbags…but that’s a different story). Shoes can instantly make you feel amazing, or effortlessly transform what was previously a casual outfit into one appropriate for dancing the night away.

I never fail to have an excuse to buy shoes (my most recent one being that a shoe box is the perfect size to send parcels out to my boyfriend in Afghanistan so it would only seem right to keep a plentiful supply of shoe boxes at the ready right?), but I feel my most recent purchase was most certainly justified by the sunshine’s recent appearances. I have been craving a pair of heeled sandals for quite a while now, and really love the cool Scandinavian brand Swedish Hasbeens and their fantastic shoe collection (you can buy these in the UK from Office). Unfortunately for me though, my budget doesn’t quite stretch to their price tags. Any savvy shoe lover knows however that there are some great affordable alternatives out there – they sometimes just take a little time to discover! Luckily enough for me, working near Oxford Circus means I can peruse the latest high street offerings on my way home.

Browsing the flagship Topshop store can be a rather daunting thought, but I decided to bypass the chaotic mid-season sales rails and hit the lower ground floor to have a look at their oh so tempting shoe collection. Whilst initially I toyed with the idea of buying these pair of sky-high wedges (available to buy on Dressipi and a new addition to my ever growing “wish list”) I suddenly spotted this gorgeous pair of white Swedish Hasbeens-esque sandals (which also come in brown).


Not being one to hang around, I tried them on, instantly fell in love, and next thing I knew I was at the check-out running late for dinner with a friend because of my spur of the moment purchase. Only after did I think through all the potential outfits it could go with – of which there are so many. These would look perfect with your favourite pair of skinny blue jeans such as these ones from Ted Baker, a relaxed neutral t-shirt like this COS one and a Michael Kors brown tote for a weekend look. They would also look just as fabulous with a pretty summery skirt such as this Vanessa Bruno Athe one for when the sun does decide to come out.


For a jazzier look I’ll be wearing my new sandals with this season’s must have floral patterned trousers (a selection of which are below) a white blazer such as this one from South, and a must have clutch.


L-R:  H&M £29.99, Topshop £38, Sandro-£199, Carven-£300

So there you have it – proof that shoes really are a necessity in every woman’s life. I hope this has given you an excuse (not that you need one) to go out and splurge on your next pair!

Pip x


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