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WARDROBE WONDERS: How to work fluorescents

Posted on: May 21, 2013

There’s nothing I enjoy more than an elasticated waist dress. It gives you all the cinching you need without the restriction, and this dress from Topshop has really done the trick for me.
I love how it skims over my conceal area (tummy) and skims straight down from the hips. I wore this dress to a christening and had planned to wear my new white stilettos but the lack of sunshine made them seem out of place, so I decided to go edgy with Aldo gladiator heels and McQueen satchel. I then topped it off with a super lightweight cotton Mac.
image (1)
If you too would like to get your fluorescent fix, go for this lovely dress from Whistles.
Team with white heels for a day at the races such as these ones from Aldo, or with black sandals for a fancy dinner date such as these ones from Zara.
shoesPurple is the opposite of yellow on the colour spectrum so going by the principle of opposites attract, this H&M clutch definitely won’t look out of place teamed with the yellow dress.
image (2)
If you’d like to experiment with colour a bit more, try other opposite colour combos like red and green, and blue and orange for clashes that work.
Sarah x



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