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STYLE ADVICE: I am looking for a prom style dress for a graduation ball

Posted on: June 11, 2013

QUESTION: Hi, I’m looking for a dress similar to this one (pic below). It’s to wear for my boyfriend’s graduation ball. Please may you see if you can find something similar in style, colour is less important than shape. Thank you.


ANSWER: The ball should be a fab occasion to get dressed up for.  For you it is all about balancing out the look of your strong shoulders, so the dress you have chosen is great as the volume of the skirt creates that balance and the structured bodice enhances your waistline and flatters your bust.

1. Ouma on Etsy.com made to measure dresses: After atempting to trace the image, I stumbled upon a shop on Etsy.com called Ouma, which does made to measure dresses and specialises in tulle dresses in particular. Unfortunately as you can imagine they are a bit on the pricey side- I have found one similar to your picture (which can be made in the colour of your choice) for £389.92.


2. Ouma £174.79: I also found another one from the same place, only it is a little longer in length, for £174.79.

3. Ted Baker dress, £399: – Although it says this one is out of stock, it is still in stock on the Ted Baker site. The detailing is beautiful!


4. Traffic People dress. £109.95: – This next one is from a brand called Traffic People, and is extremely similar to the dress you have seen.


5. Lipsy prom dress £110: It is difficult to find a dress that is exactly like the one you want, however alternatively there are options out there on the high street that are similar in many ways and will look just as cute. Lipsy have a big selection of prom style dresses like this monochrome one:


6. Miss Selfridge prom dress £55: Finally there is this gorgeous sequin version from Miss Selfridge at a very reasonable price. I hoe you have a great time at the ball. Ria x


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