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DRESSIPI’S NEW OUTFIT BUILDER: How to see outfits created for you on Dressipi from your recommendations

Posted on: August 29, 2013

We have introduced a fabulous new feature to your Dressipi Recommendations, the Outfit Builder. Select any garment from your recommendations page and you will be able to see it in an outfit that matches your Fashion Fingerprint® for any occasion from Work to Casual to Evening to Occasion. You can swap garments and also save your outfits. What’s more, when you receive your weekly Perfect For You email you can also see each piece recommended in an outfit that suits your shape and style.

1. If you look at the garments below you will see this prompt “NEW See Outfits” and a hangar icon:


If for example we select this prompt on the Ted Baker clutch and we will get an outfit or two or three! The pink button that says Edit Products In Outfits allows you to pick a different piece:


2. On your RECOMMENDATIONS pages you can do the same thing. If I want to see the Topshop skinny jeans in an outfit all I need to do is hover over the icon that is simply three dots (next to ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’). The hanger icon will then appear.picsjpeg

3. Alternatively, if I have clicked on the actual garment, on the right hand side there is a pink prompt button under the price that says ‘See this in outfits’:


4. Here is a handy how to use the outfit builder video to show you how you can see, rate, swap garments and save outfits:

Modify your outfit in Dressipi outfits from Dressipi on Vimeo.

This is simply the beginning. We are improving this exciting project on a daily basis, so we welcome all of your feedback,

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