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STYLE ICON: Faye Dunaway’s sultry-chic in “Bonnie & Clyde”

Posted on: September 5, 2013


Faye Dunaway made the most impossibly sultry and ridiculously chic bank robber ever in the slick Bonnie & Clyde. Songs have been written about this glamorous thieving duo and the fashion is a fabulous trove of feminine must-haves. The beret has never looked so nonchalantly chic! And what about that simply perfectly positioned neck scarf, accessorising outfits as if it was merely an after thought. This look is perfectly matched to the ladylike chic sweeping the style streets as we speak. The key is to keep thinks figure-flatteringly fitted. Slim fit jumpers and tailored tweed pencil skirts will nip you in and sculpt definition in all the right places. And then there’s Warren Beatty. Well. Where exactly does one start there? Natalie x

1. Woolmark felt beret £13.46

2. McQ Alexander McQueen cable knit jumper £345

3. Barbour silk scarf £70

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