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STYLE ICON: Coco Chanel’s excess embellishment

Posted on: September 12, 2013


Chanel is one of the most sought after brands in the world and is Dressipi’s number one hot designer fashion house when it comes to what our customers love to lust-after. This season celebrates opulence with excess embellishment … by day and night. Pile on the pearls and the jewels, layer by layer. There really is no limit to it and we have Coco Chanel to thank for making it cool to wear costume jewellery. In fact she made it cool to wear a lot of things. Next time you are popping out for a pint of milk … top up a classic slim fit black jumper with heavy lashings of opulent jewel encrusted cuffs and don’t forget to throw on the pearls. Natalie x

1. Oscar de la Renta multi-coloured cuff £184.80

2. Moschino Cheap and Chic pearl encrusted jumper £354

3. New Look tortoiseshell cuff £5.99

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