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STYLE ADVICE: I have a girlie night out in London, what should I wear?

Posted on: October 14, 2013

QUESTION: I have a girlie night out in London next week. I have just had a baby but am still a size 10 (lucky me!) although with a wobbly tummy. None of the other girls have had babies so I need something that makes me feel fabulous. What should I wear?

1. ASOS dress, £21: – You have a fab figure, and an amazing tiny waist, so accentuating this part of your body is the perfect way to feel slim and fabulous. The best way to do this whilst skimming over your tummy is by opting for a fit-and-flare shape dress. Here at Dressipi we never get bored of a little black dress (LBD), and we love this one from ASOS which you have liked on your page. The lace inserts add some stunning detail and gives the dress that young, trend-driven feel that you are after. If you are still worried about your tummy you can get some great control underwear from any department store, which will help you feel much more confident. 


2. Topshop courts, £48: – A pair of black court shoes are always the perfect option for a super chic look. They’re so versatile and a stiletto heel will elongate your legs and make them look fabulous.


3. Zara clutch, £25.99: – A pop of colour will perfect your chic LBD look, and this season’s broody brights are a sophisticated yet trendy choice. This minaudiére clutch from Zara is so cute.


4. Topshop earrings, £10: – A piece of statement jewellery always adds extra ‘wow-factor’ to your evening ensemble. These earrings from Topshop are just the right amount of glam.


We hope we have given you some fashion inspiration, do let us know how you get on as it’s great receiving feedback. Enjoy your girlie night out! Ria x

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