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GUEST SPOT: Five minutes with international fashion illustrator Megan Hess (think Sex And The City and Tiffany’s)

Posted on: October 15, 2013

Internationally acclaimed fashion illustrator Megan Hess knows a thing or two about style, haute couture and looking fabulous. You’ll recognise her iconic illustrations on the covers of Candace Bushnell’s books, not to mention at Tiffany & Co, Chanel, Dior …to name a few illustrious brands she works with. Megan was recently in London to host a fashion illustration class, which I was lucky enough to attend, to mark the launch of her book Fashion House (£16.99). It’s a visual feast of the clothes you’ld like to wear, the homes you would like to live in and gives a witty insight into the world of fashionistas and style icons. Want to know how to channel Coco Chanel’s mood via your clothes and furnishings? Feeling a bit Audrey Hepburnish? Or perhaps you want to slip into a pair of Fashion Editor’s heels? You’ll find fabulous advice on how to achieve these styles. Not to mention gorgeous pictures. For more inspiration take a stroll through Megan’s site and read her inspiring answers to our questions below www.meganhess.com (picture of Megan from http://www.meganhess.com). Nataliex
Your book Fashion House captures the unique styles of fashion types and personalities. If you were to be a chapter in the book what would your ‘get the look’ fashion and lifestyle items be? Well, there is a section in the book called The Artist’s Studio and this is based on my real studio. The feature colour is that beautiful Tiffany blue. I have a mix of framed photos and prints on my wall. All my furniture is custom made to fit the studio space and its just filled with all the little things I love.
Is your fashion style like your illustrating style? I think I mainly draw clothes that I’d love to have or wear. I also love drawing completely over the top creations – clothes that inspire!
Illustrating for a brand like Tiffany’s or the cover of a book like Candace Bushnell’s Sex And The City is very much about matching and capturing each unique style and essence of the client in question. A bit like us matching someone’s Fashion Fingerprint™. Do you have any particular process or approach to this? I think its very important to have a really good understanding of a brand before I start drawing for them. Its about creating a completely new illustration but keeping very true to the look and feel of their brand. Sometimes this can be challenging but ultimately it’s very rewarding.
Who are your favourite designers? I love the classic and timeless look of Chanel and the very conceptual look of British designer Mary Katrantzou.
What inspiration would you give to someone who thinks they cannot draw? If you want to be able to draw just practise and don’t pressure yourself, kick back and relax while you work – the style will come.
What are your tools of the fashion illustrating trade? I use a custom Montblanc fountain pen.
We have just launched an outfit builder on our site…do you have a go to outfit that always pulls it out the bag for you? I always say add a scarf. Great jeans, a statement jacket, vintage jewellery and a great scarf – My favourite outfit.

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