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STYLE ADVICE: I need to get out of horrid breastfeeding clothes and build a new wardrobe.

Posted on: October 21, 2013

QUESTION: I’ve lost my pregnancy weight and need to get out of horrid breastfeeding clothes and build a new wardrobe. New items so far- blue straight leg indigo denim, black skinny jeans, purple/green check shirt, green blue edge to edge cardigan, grey/black leopard print jumper, one coral/pink/blue short sleeve shirt. Not planning on buying coats, and no heels. Stay at home Mom, budget limited, say £200? Any suggestions for additions to wardrobe?

1. M&Co Blouse, £26: – Casual shirts are perfect for wearing with skinny jeans as they are comfortable, yet look very presentable if you have guests round or need to run errands. There are so many variations on the high-street at the moment, however the Dressipi H.Q. are eyeing up delicate polka dot prints! 


2. George @ Asda Cardigan, £16: – The best thing about the summer ending, is the idea of curling up in chunky knitwear – so we’ve found the perfect item to wear over your check shirt. Grey tones are fab as they go with everything and look lovely on all skin shades: 


3. Marks & Spencer boots, £39.50: – As you mentioned no heels, we’ve tracked down a pair of flat ankle boots that will work well with all the clothes you’ve already bought. As they are from M&S, they will be incredibly comfortable and long lasting. When wearing with your indigo jeans, roll the bottoms of the up so they sit just above the top of the boots: 


4. White Stuff Dress, £59.95: – Since losing the baby weight, it’s now time to treat yourself! An empire line dress is the perfect shape for you as the fabric flares from under your bust, gliding past your tummy area creating flattering lines. The low v-neck will also create an illusion of a longer torso. The deep red works really nicely with the flat buckle boots, or just pop on a pair of ballet flats for something a little smarter: 


5. Zara t-shirt, £15.99: – Buy a selection of t-shirts that you look forward to wearing, V-neck or scoop are better for you than high necks. Bold prints are everywhere at the moment, so there is no need to go expensive with these items. Charcoal is a great colour to start with as it teams well with both the new trousers you just bought, along with the cardigan and boots we suggested above. Karen x


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