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LUST HAVES: Star studded eBay Collections launch

Posted on: March 6, 2014

As most savvy online shoppers will know, the world is your shopping oyster where eBay is concerned. As Alex James, former Blur member aptly put it, “The sense of possibility is giddying” and right he is. With 2,888 bags sold every day and one car sold every minute, no wonder eBay is a one stop shopping destination built to suit all tastes and budgets. With this in mind, eBay have taken the next step in making shopping on their site even more fabulous by introducing their new “eBay Collections” feature. This enables everyone and anyone to bring their passions to life by displaying items they’ve discovered and have fallen in love with on eBay in groups or themes.


At the launch this morning we were lucky enough to have the likes of Reggie Yates (previous owner of 1,000 pairs of trainers!), Kelly Hoppen (queen of all things interior design), Dannii Minogue (looking stunning in Hervé Leger), Alex James (wellies obsessed) and Susie Lau (in love with all things colourful and wacky patterns) take us through the collections they themselves have created.


Hosted by the lovely Sasha Wilkins of Liberty London Girl – a self confessed eBay lover who in fact blogs everyday from a desk she bought on eBay – we got to discover the inspiration behind their collections, all of which were completely unique to their own interests and passions. From glitter, to wet wipes (100 points to whoever can guess who features this in their collection!), to kettle bells, to back to the future trainers, these collections really have it all!


Dressipi were lucky enough to be asked to join these celebrities as well as over 200 bloggers to curate our very own eBay Collections. Our stylists looked at a variety of fashion must-haves, from wardrobe heroes to on-trend lust-haves so you can shop those perfect pieces for any social occasion. Why not check them out and get inspired! http://www.ebay.co.uk/cln/dressipi


Pip x

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