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STYLE ADVICE: Everything I wear looks awful! As a mum of two I want to look stylish but feel comfortable

Posted on: March 31, 2014

QUESTION: Well – everything I wear looks awful! I have flabby arms, big boobs, hips and legs. I am constantly in jeans and jumpers. I have tried wearing fitted jackets and high waisted jeans and although I can see the difference it makes, I feel like I am playing dress up! I love the dresses that are out at the moment but have a 3 and 4 year old, so they are not always practical!

ANSWER: The jeans and jumper combo is a super easy go-to outfit for every day wear – and there is nothing wrong with that! There are, however, many ways to jazz up this outfit which will keep you looking stylish yet comfortable. If you take a look at your Dressipi Fashion Fingerprint, you’ll see which styles suit you best and why. For you it’s all about making the most of your enviable hourglass figure by accentuating your waist and skimming over the areas we all like to hide!

1. Warehouse Dress, £48: – You mentioned you may be looking for a dress, so let’s start there! Things to look for are fitted waists that then flare at the hip as this will create a gorgeous feminine silhouette, showing off your slimmest area (your waist!). Wear the neck open as this flatters the bust, making this shirt dress your wardrobe must! On colder days, wear with black tights and flat black ankle boots. When Spring finally gets to us, roll the sleeves up and go bare legged with a pair of ballet pumps:

2. Hobbs dress, £110: – Although not a colour you may have gone for, step out of your comfort zone once in a while as there are some really lovely items on the high-street at the moment! The belted waist on this Hobbs dress will clinch you in, making the most of your gorgeous figure, ideal for an evening out or a simple yet sophisticated summer look. A pair of gold drop earrings or a pendant necklace will add a touch of elegant glamour:

3. Pepe Jeans, £70: – When choosing a pair of jeans, look for darker shades as not only are these the most flattering, they are easy to dress up from day-to-night with the simple addition of a pair of heels are a statement piece of jewellery:

4. Ellos cardigan, £68: – Rather than wearing fitted jackets that you feel uncomfortable in, how about a belted cardigan? We adore this purple cashmere version as it will add a pop of colour to your wardrobe whilst feeling incredibly cosy against your skin! Ideal for when the weather is nice enough not to need a jacket, but chilly enough to need some extra warmth:

5. Jaeger bag, £299: – A gorgeous tote bag can instantly add the chic-factor to any outfit, not matter what you’re wearing! It’s worth investing in leather as it will last you for years and will become the bag you use every day. It’s also perfect for carrying everything you need for your children!

6. Moda In Pelle, £112: – Boots are the best way to incorporate a heel into your wardrobe without the pain! Ankle boots look great all year round, wear with tucked-in skinny jeans or flared skirts in the summer, they’ll be the most comfortable shoes you own! Karen x


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