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STYLE ADVICE: I bought this dress from my recommendations and would like some accessories to go with it.

Posted on: August 11, 2014

QUESTION: I have bought this dress from your recommendations, it seems to have gone from online now. Please could you recommend shoes, bag and jewllery to go with it? Budget is £40 and under.


ANSWER:  We’re very happy that you like your recommendations and have been making a few sneaky fashion purchases as a result. The dress you have bought is a lovely classic shift option, in an elegant lace fabric and will look great with a variety of accessories depending on the occasion.


1. Missguided sandals, £24.99: – White or ivory shoes will look fab with this dress, and this pair from Missguided will add a youthful, fashion-forward feel to the elegant dress.




2. Oasis clutch, now £20: – An orange or coral shade makes a great colour combination with this gorgeous turquoise/teal hue. This amazing contrasting clutch will add a pop of colour to your outfit.



3. River Island bracelet, £15: – When it comes to jewellery opt for something that is just the right balance of elegant and “statement”. We think this bracelet from River Island encompasses just that. We hope we have answered your fashion dilemma. Ria x





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