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STYLE ADVICE: Looking for a stylish outfit for a spring wedding.

Posted on: January 26, 2015

QUESTION: I am looking for an outfit to wear to a spring wedding. Something fun but stylish that I can wear again. Nothing too clingy as have a slight tummy.

ANSWER: There are some fabulous fresh new pieces hitting the store perfect for a spring wedding and to take you into summer. Look for loser lots to disguise the tummy area or for something with soft rushing or draped pleats over the tummy. With that in mind here is a multi-tasking outfit we hop you will love:

1. Monsoon dress £149: Blue is one of the key colours of the season. This swing dress will flatter your shape by fashionably disgusting your tummy area but still showing off your lovely legs. The dusting of embellishment means you can keep your jewellery to a minimum. It’s the perfect high summer party piece too:


2. Coast coat £125: To beat the spring chill style with a lightweight coat. You don’t have to be matchy-matchy but rather go for different tones of your powdery blue. This coat will dress-up your jeans look when you want to turn things up a gear on your casual outfits:


3. Jane Talyor Millinery hat £220: Have fun with your wedding outfits! Don’t shy away from a gorgeous headpiece.The soft silvery grey of this number will mean tat you can wear it again with darker shades or a gorgeous pastel print:

4. J Crew sandals £198: Every wardrobe needs a metallic sandal, it’s the perfect way to accessorise any outfit in any colour:

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