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STYLE ADVICE: Would love a wedding guest outfit

Posted on: February 23, 2015

STYLE ADVICE: I am looking for an outfit for a wedding end of May. Would love something pink but stylish, with pieces I will wear again.

ANSWER: You can make some clever fashion purchases now that will multi-task their way through your wardrobes from wedding to chic weekend look. They key to getting that wedding outfit right is to play with differing shades of one colour and textures to make things look modern and stylish without being too match-matchy.

1. Damsel In a Dress dress £189: Lace immediately spells ‘occasion dressing’ and this figure-flattering shift does just that. There are a number of ways to style this piece so that it does not feel too old fashioned. You want to create an elegant mood with a modern spin. Silver, gold or nude sandals are the ideal pairing for this for a wedding. For a sleek evening dinner, style with a strappy black sandal and silver drippy earrings. Post-wedding, add a fabulous tan leather wedge and fitted denim jacket, large sunglasses and wide-brimmed hat for a cool weekend lunch:



2. Damsel In A Dress jacket £149: I’m sticking with pinks for this look but the key when opting for one colour is to play around with shades and textures. It breaks things up and keeps things from looking like a matchy-matchy uniform. This jacket will shape-up a jeans and t-shirt look for a casual occasion:


3.J. Crew sandals £258: J. Crew has some great summer sandals like these silvery metallic linen ones that will carry you through all summer events:



4. Mark T. Burke hat £210: Going for a deeper dusky pink, this headpiece adds just the right amount of dramatic flourish to this look:


5. Carvela bag now £29: A metallic shoulder bag adds he perfect finishing touch. This piece will also work perfectly with an LBD or to spruce up that jeans + jacket + t-shirt look:


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