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STYLE ADVICE: What can I wear to a wedding with this floral print dress?

Posted on: August 10, 2015

QUESTION: I am wearing the attached to a wedding and was wondering if you could recommend jewellery/bag/shoes to wear with it?


ANSWER: We are loving your dressed pictured, off the shoulder styles always look incredibly elegant and we’d love to recommend some items to complete the look.

1. New Look, Shoes £17.99:- These shoes are what every wardrobe needs, they are the versatile shoe that work for every occasion and immediately make legs and feet look gorgeous. At this price you’ll want them in every colour.


2. Dune, Bag £59:- Pick up on the pink in your dress with this patent clutch. The mix of teal and pink works really well and is a great style statement, and its big enough for the event essentials.


3. ASOS, Bangle £8:- The off shoulder style is dramatic enough to keep your neckline free, instead add this stylish cuff to your outfit. You’ll love the modern look it has in contrast to your vintage style dress.


4. Finesse, Earrings £30:- If you’re wearing your hair up, these earrings are all you’ll need, the delicate flower style compliments the whole look. These earrings will definitely become a favourite in your accessories collection. SarahA x


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