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STYLE ADVICE: I’m looking for a great outfit on a budget for a New Year’s Eve dinner.

Posted on: November 16, 2015

STYLE ADVICE: I’m looking for a dress to wear for a New Year’s Eve dinner. The dress code is black tie and posh frocks. I have a couple of things in my wardrobe but they are years old and would need accessorising but I don’t mind buying something new.
I don’t get out to dressy occasions much so am reluctant to pay hundreds of pounds for a dress to hang in the wardrobe. I would spend up to £150 if you could work within that. Thank you for your help.

ANSWER: We’d love to recommend some items to accessorise your dress and maybe something new to try.

1. Monsoon jacket £59:– Add this fur bolero to your dress for the winter months and an added glam factor. You’ll be wearing this with many more gorgeous dresses to many more events:


2. Monsoon bag £29:– Gold accessories are the hollywood glam staples as well as being versatile. The shine on this clutch is really eye catching and immediately takes an outfit up a notch:


3. Dorothy Perkins, Shoes £29:– These gorgeous low heel sandals are a great nod to the 1940’s, the ultimate glam era. They are super wearable and will be making an appearance at many occasions to come:


4. Marks and Spencer dress £49.50:– If you decide to go for something new try this great evening piece from M&S. The lace and on trend velvet fabric makes this the perfect party piece. And its the perfect style for balancing your proportions. At this price you won’t feel bad about another dress in your wardrobe you’ll wear again and again. SarahA x


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