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Guest Personal Development Speaker – Jess Butcher from blippAR

Posted on: July 15, 2016

One of the great things about the start-up world is that it is actively encouraged to share ideas and new ways to further spread the thinking around innovation and disruption. At Dressipi we hold Personal Development sessions every Friday lunchtime – someone talks about a topic (not always directly related to work – we once had a rock climbing talk!) that is interesting and might spark a debate or new way of thinking.

As a result of Co-Founder Sarah McVittie’s Female Founders Forum trip to Silicon Valley, we had the brilliant Jess Butcher from augmented reality and image recognition business blippAR come to our offices as a Personal Development guest speaker.


Alongside sharing the challenges of starting a business (hard work, learning the art of delegation, the relentless cycle of pitching and selling, and even dressing up as a ketchup bottle!) Jess took us through blippAR’s ultimate aim – “turning the world on”.

Jess explained that understanding customer appetite is key – what exactly do customers want to explore and how will they be doing it? blippAR’s interactive technology brings everyday objects to life through a customer’s mobile phone. Want to know how a certain nail polish would look on your nails? Or how about discovering recipe’s using bananas? It is this “spontaneous curiosity” as Jess put it, that is key for driving the business forward so they can further refine and tap into the art of visual discovery.


Turning a reactive behaviour into a proactive behaviour is another one of blippAR’s goals. They envisage a world where people will be constantly “blipping”, using the app as “the eye of the phone” to further enrich their everyday lives as they interact with the objects around them.

So the only question that remains is how long will it be until we are all “blipping” as much as we are “Googling”? Time will tell, but with millions of objects in the world, they have only scratched the surface of what can be achieved.


Photo: blippar.com

Thank you so much to Jess for coming in and sharing your journey with us.

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