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STYLE ADVICE: Something for the weekend

Posted on: January 20, 2017


There are so many fabulous new accessories out on the high street now it’s hard to pick which style direction to go in. But, here’s a start: embroidery. Thanks to Valentino it’s time to turn to the magical creations of needle and thread. From biker jackets to denim, there’s no stitch left undone when it comes to embroidered florals. These Topshop flats are will jazz up simple paired back looks for a cool casual style. Don’t stop at the shoes, why not add a clash with a stud detail bag. Tuxedo jackets are key 24/7 wardrobe solutions and a good investment if you’re looking for something to make you from weekend to wedding. The high street has some perfect styles like this piece at H&M, £34.99 or this wool piece by Jigsaw now £160. Take your pick! Natalie x

1. Stella McCartney jacket £525, 2. Hugo Boss jumper now £94.50, 3. H&M jeans £34.99, 4. Topshop flats £26, 5. Zara bag £29.99


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