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Today we are very excited at Dressipi to release two new features that have been high on our members’ request list. Lots of our members are keen to tell us why they have disliked a certain garment or accessory, to fast track the learning of the technology. Others are very keen to tell us they never want to see a certain feature or brand again and want them removed completely from their recommendations (rather than appear lower down their list).

Adding Why to Dislikes: When you dislike a garment or accessory, a Why option will appear alongside. Simply click on the Why and select the reason why you do not like the item. You can select multiple options.

Don’t Show Again: If you have a preference to never see a brand or feature again – simply tick the ‘don’t show me’ option. Don’t worry if you change your mind in the future, as very soon you will have complete access to all of the information in your Fashion Fingerprint that impacts how we choose your recommendations and you can tweak and amend it.

Tip: You can add Whys and Don’t Shows to your previously disliked garments by clicking on http://dressipi.com/dislikes.

Happy playing!